We are a professional CyberSecurity team that offers services related to Information Technology, following the best practices in the market based on the experience bringing better and secure methodologies and process that protect your information.



Infrastructure security testing

Infraestructure security testing can be performed in two approches:
- Public access infraestructure, with high risk attack surface.
- Internal Infraestructure, medium risk attack surfaces, protecting from insider attacks.

Application security testing

Our focus is based on:
- Detect and report vulnerabilities and information technology control risks.
- Enhace of security functionalities like authentication, encryption, sessions, audit, etc.
- Integration with other components

Source code review

Our objective is find vulnerabilities across the Software Development LifeCycle improving the global quality and the secure software development in the organization.


Hardening is based on the following guidelines: - Computer network security.
- Network security policy.
- Security-focused operating system.
- TrustedBSD, HardenedBSD.
- Security-Enhanced Linux